Who is ITC?

ITC is a vital part of the electrical power system. Headquartered in Michigan – with utility status in 8 states – ITC builds, operates, and maintains the system of high-voltage power lines and substations that transport electricity from power generation sources to local distribution networks and, ultimately, to consumers. Essentially, ITC moves electricity from where it’s made, to where it’s needed.

ITC does not own any power plants or generation facilities, but we constantly respond to changes in our state as demand for power changes. Here are some other key reasons why ITC invests in transmission infrastructure:

  • Reliability and Resiliency: Investing in transmission infrastructure helps ensure a reliable and resilient electricity grid. Upgrading and expanding transmission lines improves the overall stability of the system, improves reliability, and provides grid resilience during extreme weather.
  • Meet Growing Demand: Transmission infrastructure investments accommodate the increasing demand for electricity. As populations grow and new technologies emerge, the demand for power rises. Expanding the transmission system allows for the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and industries.
  • Support Carbon Reduction Goals: Investing in transmission infrastructure supports the integration of a variety of energy sources onto the grid. Getting that electricity from one place to another requires electric transmission infrastructure.
  • Economic Benefits: Transmission infrastructure investments stimulate economic growth and job creation. The construction and maintenance of transmission lines require a skilled workforce and support industries, contributing to local economies. Additionally, a reliable transmission system attracts businesses and industries that rely on a stable power supply for their operations.
  • Grid Modernization: Upgraded transmission lines can support the implementation of advanced monitoring, control, and communication systems. These technologies enable more efficient grid operation, better utilization of existing assets, and faster identification and resolution of issues.

By investing in transmission infrastructure, ITC provides a reliable, resilient, and modernized electricity grid that can meet the evolving needs of its customers, support carbon reduction goals, and contribute to the economic well-being of the communities it serves.