Helix to Hiple

Construction & Schedule

Clearing and Grading: Foundation and Structure Installation: Transmission Line Construction: Conductors and Insulators: Crossings and Obstacles: Substation Construction: Safety Measures: Environmental Mitigation: Community Engagement: Timelines and Completion: The construction phase of building new transmission lines requires meticulous planning, skilled labor, and a strong focus on safety and environmental stewardship. ITC’s commitment to these principles ensures

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Environmental responsibility is one of ITC’s core values and it is reflected by our employees, at our facilities and in our operations.  Environmental considerations are made at all stages of a transmission line’s lifecycle – from planning and siting processes through construction and maintenance activities, we work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of

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The route selection process generally involves comparing potential routing options. There are several factors that ITC looks at when routing a transmission line. They include several Engineering, Social, and Environmental factors. These can include criteria such as length, line angles, nearby residences or public facilities, wetland areas, historical and archaeological sites, and cropland/center pivot irrigation

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Who is ITC?

ITC is a vital part of the electrical power system. Headquartered in Michigan – with utility status in 8 states – ITC builds, operates, and maintains the system of high-voltage power lines and substations that transport electricity from power generation sources to local distribution networks and, ultimately, to consumers. Essentially, ITC moves electricity from where

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Public Outreach

ITC has been conducting extensive agency and public outreach for all its major power lines and substation projects for more than two decades. Input from agencies and the public is essential to the success of each new project we construct and operate to best serve our customers. The information provided will help the community understand

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Potential Routes

During planning, ITC recognized the need to create 50 miles of line extending from the new Helix substation to the existing Hiple substation. ITC has identified potential route options that would meet the project purpose. The initial analysis determined locations that minimize impacts to sensitive resource areas, and would also maximize the use of existing

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Project Overview

Responding to the needs of the changing energy landscape, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the grid planning organization for our region, has devoted several years of intensive, collaborative effort to develop a Long-Range Transmission Plan (LRTP). This plan identified the need to build additional high-voltage transmission infrastructure across the region to maintain the long-term

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